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Results post!

The Ladderinth REsults

The team of Mya Malek and Damien Spades defeated the team of Ian Pratt and Greaser when Greaser decided not to get in the ring with Spades and left Ian alone to be defeated.

Andrew Love defeated the debuting "Wanted Man" Ryan Dennim.

The Kaizen Scramble match was won by Bobby Boyette when he defeated Justine Ward, Justin Moir, Daniel Wall and Kimba.

Benoit Gravel then lost to Draven Macdonald in a hart hitting affair.

Remi Petit then defeated James Ryan who was in his 1st wrestling match ever. James fought hard but was not ready for the monster that is Remi Petit.

And the main event saw Chip Chambers lose a ladder war to Covey Christ for the Kaizen Championship. This match was insane and both men will feel this battle till the day they die.

In the end, Chip Chambers said goodbye to wrestling. We all wish him the best in his future endeavors and thank him for the memories he shared with us all.